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Principal's Message


OPEN HOUSE will be held on THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. Please come and meet your child's new teacher, and see his/her new classroom!

LEAPS Before and After School Program
We received a LEAPs grant that will fund a before and after school tutoring/enrichment program. Students in grade Kindergarten – 3rd grades will attend after school on Monday and Wednesday. Students in grades 4 – 6 will attend after school on Tuesday and Thursday. We will offer morning tutoring for grades 3 – 6 Monday through Friday. Paper work will be sent home for you to sign your student up for this program. We hope all students will take advantage of this program.

Dr. Emogene South- Principal's Website

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. It is truly a privilege to serve as the principal of Doe Elementary. I have lived in this community my entire life so it is with great honor and pride that I rejoin our dedicated faculty, parents, community partners and students to begin a new school year and be a part of the Doe Elementary tradition of excellence.

The faculty and staff take great pride in our school and have much to offer your children. We strive to create a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. Our school also fosters an environment where reading, writing, and math are of constant importance. We realize these three areas are the building blocks to other subjects.

Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer at Doe Elementary. We would like to continue to build our P. T. O. and volunteer programs. We hope our parents and community members feel they are an essential part of the school family, and as such, help to foster a positive and happy environment.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you, or if I can answer any questions that you may have about our school. I look forward to working with you this year. Our entire school is looking forward to a successful and productive year at Doe Elementary.

Mission Statement

Doe Elementary School provides each student with positive experiences to become the best they can be by focusing on learning, relationships and community involvement.

We Believe

All faculty and staff will focus on SPIs for student learning utilizing research based and data driven instruction to help students achieve proficient or advanced levels of learning.

Positive relationships will be built on a daily basis among staff, students, parents, and stakeholders to enhance quality education.

Collaboration will exist with internal and external communication among staff members and stakeholders to enhance student achievement.

All students will have a safe and secure environment for learning.

Technological advancement will be achieved through current innovations to better prepare students for the future.

Shared Vision:

Doe Elementary School's faculty and staff, students, parents, and stakeholders will work together to build a knowledgeable foundation in a student-centered environment which will transfer to life situations.